About Turntech Solutions

The Start of Our Drone Division

Turntech Solutions Inc, a division of Aeromni Aerospace Inc., was born from the fast and innovative changes in the aviation industry. As drone usage became an integral part of the aviation industry, the need for high-quality, professional-level drones rose. To best serve our clients, Wei Lin, our President, incorporated TurnTech Solutions in 2020.

A Variety of Uses for Drones

Together with co-founder Rikkert Vos, Wei decided to add a drone division to Aeromni, thus complimenting the aviation side with this new and growing technology. Wei Lin realized that drones could be an asset to a number of different industries such as surveying, geomatics, the energy sector, public safety and environmental monitoring.

In 2021, the team expanded with the addition of Mia Gabrielson, a Transport Canada Certified Advanced drone pilot. Her position both literally and figuratively lifts TurnTechs off the ground with sales and marketing. In her downtime, Mia can be found zipping along the sky in either her Mavic Air or Mini2.

Solving Your Drone Needs

From the start, TurnTech has always aimed to respond to the challenges our clients face. As drones grow in popularity, our focus remains steady on supplying superior drones and drone options to solve specific industry problems.

Superior Drones Meet Superior Service

While our drones can be utilized in a number of ways, our goal as a company remains the same: to provide our customers with superior service from start to finish. When you contact our team, your needs come first and foremost. Rest assured, you’ll be guided to the right drone or payload to fit the job or project you’re currently working on.

Drones for A Variety of Industries

Drone application is only growing. Currently, we help businesses in a variety of industries, including surveying, public safety, natural resource management, agriculture, oil, gas and mining and agriculture, engineering, and construction (AEC) and more. Each of these industries requires a different type of drone, as each has different restrictions, needs, and goals.

A Focus on Drone Education

Our focus is providing you with the highest level of service to help you reach your goals. For some, this means learning more about how drones can help create efficient and effective changes within your business or personal pursuits. We are passionate about sharing our knowledge about drones with others to ensure they can make these changes safely and insightfully.

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About Our Parent Division Aeromni Aerospace Inc.

Aeromni Aerospace Inc. was established in 2008. Aeromni provides service for both rotorcraft and fixed-wing aircrafts. From complete overhauls to accessory, instrument and avionic repair, Aeromni is a smart choice for your professional aviation needs.

At Aeromni, we specialize in conversions, upgrades and repairs for the Airbus and Bell Series Helicopters. As with TurnTech, Aeromni aims to provide professional service for individuals and businesses to help each reach their goals.

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