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One of the nation’s recognized thought leaders in drone education

You’ve got your drone. Now you need to make sure you’ve got the proper training so you can fly safely and effectively. That’s why we’ve become affiliated with Coastal Drone Co.


In 2017 Kate Klassen joined Coastal Drone Co. and brought a decade of aviation experience to the team, including having instructed over 1000 prospective UAV pilots.


As one of the nation’s recognized thought leaders in drone education, Kate has worked closely with Transport Canada to influence the knowledge requirements of future pilots. Along with Alec Wilson, a commercial helicopter pilot, the Coastal Drone team provides complete training and consulting services required to navigate this rapidly changing industry.


From Basic or Advanced Pilot certifications to Enterprise services, Coastal Drone has you and your team covered from the online classroom to the field. Coastal Drone Co. also has specialized courses whether its photography and videography or industrial inspections.

To get the most out of your Enterprise or non-consumer drones, we recommend pilots pursue their Advanced Certification. Coastal Drone’s Advance course package includes:

  • RPAS Ground School | Advanced, Exam Prep |Advanced, Standard Operating and Procedures Guide, Flight Review and Prep Guide (which includes the cost of the review)

  • 20+ hours of content

  • 350+ sample questions mimic typical style of Transport Canada written exams

  • Includes all the Advanced Online material plus a prep guide for the Flight Review and the In-person Flight Review assessment

An advanced certification allows you to say “yes!” to more flying jobs with the ability to fly close to people, in controlled airspace and near airports.

Advanced Certification*

Basic Certification*

*For airspace definitions check the NRC Canada Drone Site Selection Tool

Let’s get you or your team on your way to flying today!

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