Drones for Western Canada’s Energy Sector

How Drones Can Help Your Business Revolutionize The Oil & Gas, Wind, Solar, And Other Energy Industries In Western Canada

Drones are changing the face of the energy sector throughout Canada. Take advantage of drone usage to minimize company downtime, increase on-site productivity, improve project efficiency, and maintain the highest safety standards.

Drones Have Been Advantageous Assets For The Following Energy Industries:

Oil & Gas Industry Uses:

  • Power Generation Maintenance
  • Energy Transmission & Delivery
  • Remote Monitoring & Surveillance
  • Inspection & Predictive Maintenance
  • Methane Management & Safety
  • Emergency Response
  • Material Handling
  • & More

Wind Energy Industry Uses:


  • Wind Turbine Inspection & Maintenance
  • Surveying & Mapping
  • Issues Detection
  • & More

Solar Energy Industry Uses:

  • Solar Panel Inspection & Maintenance
  • Surveying & Mapping
  • Issues Detection
  • & More

Minimize Downtime and Increase On-Site Productivity

Drones reduce the number of workers needed on-site for specific jobs. Instead of using a team to inspect a solar farm, for example, you can use one or two drones to do the same amount of work – often in less time, as well.

Beyond that, drones offer the unique opportunity to inspect equipment with up to no downtime. This is especially effective in the oil and gas and wind industries, where shutdowns for inspections can be long and costly.

Using drones also means you can redirect workers to other tasks, overall increasing your team’s productivity and profits.

Improve Project Efficiency from Start to Finish

Once workers are trained in how to use them, drones can be seamlessly integrated into a regular system. This means spending less time on tasks and limiting the energy for larger projects. When implemented correctly, drones can help to streamline processes throughout your business from start to finish.

Uphold the Highest Safety Standards

The oil and gas, wind, and solar energy sectors can all be dangerous places for workers. Oil and gas in particular contain many dangerous jobs which could be replaced or helped by the use of drones. For the wind energy industry, using drones can mean limiting human risk while inspecting wind turbines.

The ability of drones to quickly assess areas using UAVs and other monitoring tools can eliminate the dangers of certain jobs. It also helps to keep communities, workers, and the environment safer, faster.

Customize Drone for Your Industry’s Needs

Drones are highly customizable. These devices can be used in a number of ways that are perfectly fit to your specific industry and project needs. When you talk to our professionally trained team, rest assured knowing that you’re getting the right drone for the job and for the Canadian climate and weather.

Beyond drone usage, find optimal versatility in our wide array of payloads, which can push your drone to higher levels of productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness.

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Drones Optimized for Energy Industry Use:

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