Zenmuse X7

Cinematic Vision Rising

Zenmuse X7 is a cinematographer’s winning secret

Did you know? The legends of brilliant cinematography are fans of Zenmuse X7.

Just one look at X7’s pictures, you will notice color fidelity. And the number of dynamic colors it can reproduce is impressive!

You can push the grades around it hard. But you still will not get any noise from this camera.

Some of the most iconic movies you grew up with and loved used X7.

Together with Inspire 2’s 24MP CMOS sensor, DJI Zenmuse X7 captures such astonishing details. Details that have made some of the box office names we now know.

Box office filming needs a Super 35 camera.

It is not a surprise that high-production sets use the Super 35 cameras.

As a result, their movies have seamless frame transitions and superb imaging. On top of that, this dynamic work environment of film sets also demands real-time editing.

World-class filmmakers use the Zenmuse X7 to bring their movies to life.

Its 6k resolution and 5.2K Apple ProRes, X7 delivers unparalleled photo details. For instance, look and compare slow motion and fast frames shot with RAW burst shooting at 20FPS & 24MM stills. You will notice clear, real-life images that show even the tiniest wrinkles.

Location shooting is a lot easier with Inspire 2 and the DL mount lenses. As a result, switching between different angles is a lot smoother thus creating that stunning effect, all audiences will never forget.

World-famous photographers depend on Zenmuse X7 + Inspire 2

Some of the most dramatic scenes are a result of the technique called a shallow depth of field. This technique allows audiences to focus on the subject while letting everything else fade.

To achieve this, you will need a large sensor like a camera with an ISO range of 25,600 which results in crisp images, even when captured in extreme lighting conditions. To make your photos burst with real-life colors, use the cinema color system and D-gamut RGB.

Don’t you love great feature documentaries? We do as well as everyone else.

For instance, having a high-powered UAV camera capable of D-Log E curve on the set is a wise move. Moreover, cinematographers have to consider great post-production and camera matching.

Be sure to use models with an EI mode feature because using compatible tools makes filming a breeze.

DJI Zenmuse X7 and Inspire 2 bring an endless amount of possibilities for people in the movie industry. Now they can take the shots that they did not think were possible before.

This drone helps photographers take outstanding still JPEG photos of 24 megapixels every single time.

Stunning images with the finest elements are every photographer’s dream. They bring their unique expression of creation through the images they capture.

The DJI Zenmuse X7 is helping filmmakers be at the forefront of cinematography.

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