Blue Vigil RS1000 Bundle Tether Power System

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Blue Vigil: The Most Affordable Tether System

Blue Vigil manufactures the most affordable tether system designed for off-­‐the shelf drones. Eliminate drone downtime while changing the batteries.

The RS1000 ground-­‐based drone tether system provides unlimited flight time when connected to a power source (generator, household current (shore power), or battery). The Blue Vigil platform consists of the RS1000 base tether unit (ground unit) and an aircraft unit. Depending on the aircraft, the air unit will be a Battery Replacement Module (BRM), BRM and adapters or a fully integrated air module. The RS1000 comes in two lengths: 150’ (RS1000C) or 300’ (RS1000X).

Key Features of the Blue Vigil

  • Unlimited flight duration
  • Continuous drone power
  • Redundant power converter module
  • Launch & Leave: once deployed at the desired altitude the aircraft will generally hold its position without constant operator input
  • Supports both bottom and top-mounted payloads
  • RS1000 connects and disconnects in the field in seconds
  • No battery back-­up required
  • Thermal overload shutdown protection
  • Auto-­tensioning tether
  • Retractable tether lengths of 150’ or 300’ lengths
  • 1500 W of sustained power
  • Peak power output of 1600 W
  • System accepts 110 V – 240 V AC input (use with 110 V outlet requires 110V/220V converter)
  • Made and serviced in the USA
  • Optional features include:
    • Ethernet port
    • JSON interface

Ideal Industry Applications for the Blue Vigil

The applications for the Blue Vigil are vast. Given all the capabilities, this drone is ideal for:

  • News Media & Events
  • Law Enforcement & First Responders
  • Military & Government
  • Communication & Sensors

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