Sniffer 4D

Multi-gas Detection & Mapping System

Multi-gas Detection & Mapping System

Designed to be carried by drones & ground vehicles

Captures georeferenced & timestamped gas & particle concentrations

Captures spatial distributions of gases and particles

Generates 2D/3D concentrations maps in real time

Significantly improves work efficiency and reduce risks and costs

One-stop Workflow | Flexible Sensor Configuration

Compatible with Various Mobile Platforms | Reliable and Complete Dataset

Real-time Data Transmission and Analysis | Generate 2D/3D Spatial Distributions in Real Time | One-click Result Delivery

Real-time data transmission via LTE networks

Ultra-short Warm-up Time | Expansion Ports | API | OTA Update

Up to 9 Parameters at a Time | Verified Data Quality | Cellular Connectivity | Plug & Play | Front & Back Warning Lights

*You may need to purchase a license key to record with CinemaDNG or Apple ProRes.

Command center

The drone carries a Sniffer4D and a stabilized camera together – gas data from Sniffer4D, pictures from the camera and flight data from the drone are transmitted to the remote controller of the drone in real time (only for DJI M300). Meanwhile, Sniffer4D is able to transmit real-time gas data to multiple PCs at the mission site, control center or other places through its independent 4G/telemetry radio. Sniffer4D also backs up mission data to the onboard SD card at the same time.


Mission reports and datasheets can be exported with one click.

Historical data can be imported to the software to evaluate the change after the ratification.