Zenmuse H20 Series

“H” is for Hybrid

Put the "H" in Hybrid

Multi-sensor payloads that bring a whole new meaning to mission efficiency. The unique intelligence and integrated design provide unprecedented aerial imaging capabilities for a range of commercial drone applications. Welcome to DJI’s first hybrid sensor solution – the Zenmuse H20 Series.

H20 – Triple-Sensor Solution
  • 20 MP Zoom Camera
  • 12 MP Wide Camera
  • 1200 m LRF
H20T – Quad-Sensor Solution
  • 20 MP Zoom Camera
  • 12 MP Wide Camera
  • 1200 m LRF
  • 640×512 px Radiometric Thermal Camera

All The Sensors You Need – In One Camera

Capture everything. Up close or from a distance. In true living color or thermal. An integrated laser rangefinder (LRF) measures the distance to an object up to 1200 m away. A powerful, integrated payload that unleashes advanced intelligent capabilities for DJI’s industrial drone platforms.

Intelligent AI that shows everything

  • New flight interface displays any obstacles and flight navigation data on the ground
    This increases your situational awareness in the location, Helping you make critical on-the-spot decisions easier.
  • Quickly scan the area in just 2 taps
    Use the quad sensor solution with the wide-angle or thermal camera, to preview an object in a live image. Zoom to check the critical details.
  • Zenmuse H20 series AI spot check
    Allows you to automate any repetitive routines. Mark the objects of interest after your initial flight. The M300 RTK will automatically replicate the marked object’s frame, angle, and position for future flights.
  • Smart pinpoint functions
    Allows you to easily mark objects in the image and instantly share their exact location data to your ground crew and co-operators using the DJI flight hub. This is critical in coordinating aerial intelligence and ground command missions. It ensures that all is in sync and real-time.
  • Real-time smart track
    Allows you to automatically spot and track moving objects at extreme distances while synchronizing their moving location in real-time.
Reliable, intelligent, and tough. Zenmuse H20 truly rewrites the standard for industrial UAV cameras.

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