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Sniffer 4D

Multi-Gas Leak Detection System

Faster Gas Detection & Environmental Mapping

Environmental pollution, oil and gas leaks, plant and refinery inspections are hazards to employees and surrounding communities. Businesses and industries are turning their heads to two of their best defenses. Being proactive with the Sniffer4D V2 with M300.

Discover What the Sniffer4D Can Do for You

The one-stop workflow of DJI Sniffer 4D uses its multi-gas sensors that capture the location and timestamps particle build-up in real-time. Sniffer 4D also captures the spread rate of gases and particles, to know if a leak is about to happen. Then it creates a 2D/3D map of the gases, to track if the area is being toxic.

Oil and gas plant leak early detection – Sniffer 4D can detect up to nine different gases at the same time. This feature can be customized to any industries needs and budget.

Industry Applications for the Sniffer 4D

Air pollutants are everywhere. The atmospheric pollution in the world is at a record high now. Every day, we breathe toxic gases from the by-products of the things we use. Big cities use drones to check which parts have a large build-up of these air pollutants and gas sampling is a vital key to it.

Sniffer 4D has a multi-gas detection system that can track up to 16 different types of gases. It detects and measures gases in the air thus cities can map their air pollution and create a plan to fix it.

Every day, experts and firefighters charge into danger to protect us. Whether conducting a sensitive hazmat response to an emergency, they need the best and toughest tools to complete their missions.

Sniffer 4D provides firefighters lower risk exposure and higher efficiency, all with the ease of a plug-and-play drone. Inspection, mission reports, and data analysis are just one click away.

The M300 drone can carry both Sniffer 4D and a stabilized camera to inspect an area. This allows site pictures, gas data, and flight data to be viewed remotely. Computers can then receive real-time data, using an LTE network. after which, a backup is saved on the drone’s SD card.

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Sense Up To 9 Gases At A Time

Sniffer4D is able to sense up to 9 gas and particle concentrations at one time. Users can flexibly choose or alter their sensor configurations that suit their applications and budgets.

Configuration Examples:

Command Center

The drone carries a Sniffer4D and a stabilized camera together – gas data from Sniffer4D, pictures from the camera and flight data from the drone are transmitted to the remote controller of the drone in real time (only for DJI M300). Meanwhile, Sniffer4D is able to transmit real-time gas data to multiple PCs at the mission site, control center or other places through its independent 4G/telemetry radio. Sniffer4D also backs up mission data to the onboard SD card at the same time.

Mission reports and datasheets can be exported with one click and historical data can be imported to the software to evaluate the change after the ratification.

Client Testimonial

We are excited to see our client, Dr. Feiyue Wang, from the University of Manitoba, using their #Sniffer4D, which is helping researchers measure volcanic gas emissions from the erupting Fagradalsfjall Volcano, Iceland (yes, the #Sniffer4D is the tiny object on top of DJI #M300 along with the Wind Sensing Module)

The Sniffer 4D TDLAS Methane Sensing Module

Visualized Quantitative Methane Detection

The Sniffer 4D TDLAS can be integrated into drones, ground vehicles, and other moving platforms while offering methane detection at 1 ppm resolution. Real-time data visualization and analytical software empower decision-makers to manage their teams and resources effectively and confidently.

Key Features of the TDLAS Methane Sensing Module
  • 1ppm Ultra-High Detection Resolution
    Receive the best resolution and minimum detection limit possible in this small of a package.
  • Conforming to USEPA Method 21 (M21)
    Trust an innovative methane sensing module to provide accurate results at all times.
  • Sensitive to Methane (CH4) Only
    Exceptional gas selectivity means the state-of-the-art TDLAS Methane Sensing Module is only sensitive to methane (CH4).
  • Advanced Real-Time Data Visualization
    Real-time and historical data analysis at your fingertips means you have more options to make better decisions.
  • Response to Methane within Seconds
    With a response to methane within seconds, the innovative TDLAS Methane System maximizes operational efficiency.
  • Integration on Multiple Platforms
    Plug & Play allows seamless integration on drones, ground vehicles, and other moving platforms.
  • Ultra Lightweight
    A total weight of 250g, the TDLAS Methane Sensing Module maximizes the flight time of the aircraft – meaning you can cover a larger area with ease.
  • Two Ways for Taking Air Sample
    The TLDAS Methane Sensing Module can take air samples near the system and near the ground surface, ensuring you get the data you require.

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