Solar & Wind Drones For Western Canada

Drones role in the energy sector is ever-growing. Currently, drones are used to maintain safety, improve quality and efficiency, and reduce operating costs. Within the renewable industries, specifically solar and wind industries, the benefits of drones are vast.

Benefits Drones for Solar & Wind Industries

Enhanced Efficiency

Manage solar panels and wind turbines with precise aerial insight. Drones are able to quickly identify threats through close-up, 3-D images of equipment prior to breakages to ensure all instruments remain in their best working order.

Reduced Costs

Conduct critical inspections using intelligent drone solutions. Drones can be deployed while operations continue to run. This reduces and can altogether remove downtime and minimize maintenance costs.

Improved Safety

Protect workers from hazards and keep equipment working safely. Drones are used to get up and close to the assets to ensure wind turbines and other dangerous equipment is working safely and effectively. This allows identification to happen prior to dangerous and costly breakages.

Application for Drones in Wind & Solar Industries:

  • Site Survey & Progress Monitoring
  • Asset Digitization
  • Detailed Thermal & Fault Inspection
  • Wind Turbine Inspection
  • Solar Photo-Voltaic System Inspection
  • Emergency Response
  • Boiler Inspection
  • Wildlife & Resource Management
  • & Much More

Wind & Solar Drones & Tools:

  • The M30 Series
  • Mavic 3 Enterprise

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Why Drones Are Ideal for Solar & Wind

Both the solar and wind industries bear great possibilities for drone usage. In the solar industries, drones have been used to collect data, as well as reduce the amount of hours workers spend around the solar panels. Drones reduce risk of human errors in both installation and maintenance of panels by detecting malfunctions early on.

Similarly, drone technology can be used to identify maintenance problems on wind turbines prior to malfunction and without the need for the turbines to be stopped. In addition to reducing downtime, this has the distinct advantage of generating more revenue while maintaining safe equipment and daily operations.

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