What Is The Sniffer4D Drone Payload & Five Reasons It’s Perfect For Business

What is the Sniffer4D Payload?

The Sniffer4D payload is a lightweight gas and leak detection unit optimized to be mounted on a drone – or another moving object. It provides real-time data capture and the ability to capture complete pollution concentration and meteorological data in 3D.

The Sniffer4D is fully compatible with DJI (and other) drones, providing a streamlined experience.

Why Should I Consider It?

  1. Sense Up To Nine Air Pollutants & Tailor Their Configurations To Fit You
    The Sniffer4D can sense up to nine gas and particle concentrates simultaneously. As well, the sensor can be tailored to trace the air pollutants and can be customized to your specific industry.
  2. Use Safe & Tested Technology For Leak Detection & Emissions
    Sniffer4D allows for easy identification of gases and harmful substances and quickly detects leaks before they become a catastrophe. With the versatility of a drone and the intelligence of Sniffer4D, companies have deployed it to detect leaks in oil and gas plants and landfills as well as monitoring carbon monoxide in steel plants and tracking ship emissions.
  3. Save Time, Money & Labour By Scanning Large Areas Quickly & Accurately
    Dangerous air pollutants, leaks, and particle concentrates can quickly become hazardous to local wildlife, the environment, and neighbouring communities. The quicker the data is collected, the faster problems can be identified.
  4. Map As You Fly
    Sniffer4D can send the data directly to you as it flies, giving you real-time analytics while on site. A mapping feature is invaluable to streamline your process and reducing time and labour in terms of productivity.
  5. Every Drone Is A Perfect Fit
    Versatile and compatible with nearly any drone with a simple mounting kit.

Who Should Be Using the Sniffer4D Payload?

A variety of industries can benefit from this drone payload. The drone payload has applications beyond traditional sectors and can be tailored to fit several needs.

Most commonly, our team guides companies in the following industries to the Sniffer4D:

  • Environmental
  • Oil and Gas
  • Well Site Management
  • Mining
  • Fire Departments

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