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A New Flagship for Digital Agriculture

Take Efficiency to New Heights

With a 30 liter spraying tank, the DJI Agras T30 takes aerial spraying efficiency to new heights. A revolutionary transforming body enables more effective spraying, especially for fruit trees. Using DJI digital agriculture solutions, the T30 helps reduce fertilizer use and increase yield with effective, data-driven best practices.

Key Features of the AGRAS T30

The maximum payload capacity of 30 kg allows the T30 to carry liquid sprayers, granule spreaders, seeders, and other agricultural tools

Take advantage of automated and manual flight modes. The AGRAS T30 can fly predetermined routes to deploy spray with precision or you can manually fly it to serve specific needs.

A longer battery life means your drone can fly for longer. Target drones to cover specific areas of your farm for up to 38 minutes safely and effectively.

With the capacity to spray to a width of 7 metres at a rate of 6 L/min, you can accurately and effectively spray liquid pesticides and fertilizers.

Obstacle avoidance sensors, GPS positioning, and other safety features ensure every flight is as safe as possible.

A modular design makes maintenance effortless. With a quick-release system to easily clean and replace the spraying tank, the AGRAS T30 even saves you time during clean-up.

The High-Precision RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) Positioning System allows the T30 to operate at a sub-centimetre level accuracy.

Nearly endless compatibility options with a range of DJI payloads, including multispectral sensors, allow you to choose to collect the data most valuable to your crops.

DJI AGRAS T30 - Agriculture Drone Solutions - DJI Enterprise Silver Partner - TurnTech Solutions - Langley, BC, Canada | Drones for Farming

Eliminate Blind Spots with a Spherical Radar System

The spherical radar system perceives obstacles and surroundings in all environments, weather conditions, and viewing angles, regardless of dust and light interference. Automatic obstacle avoidance and adaptive flight functions help ensure safety during operation.

Dual FPV Cameras for Improved Awareness

Equipped with dual FPV cameras, the Agras T10 provides clear front and rear views and lets you check flight status without needing to turn the aircraft mid-flight. And a bright searchlight doubles the aircraft’s night vision capabilities, creating more nighttime operation possibilities.

T30 Spreading System 3.0

Large-capacity, Washable, and Corrosion-Resistant

This updated spreading system has a capacity of up to 40L [5] a spreading width of up to 7 meters, [6] and an hourly spreading capacity of 1 ton. [7] This system also supports real-time weight monitoring and has an anti-rotation sensor, allowing more accurate refill alerts. The T30’s overall water-resistance rating of IP67 rating makes it washable and corrosion-resistant ideal for spraying of fertilizers, seeds, and feed. When used with digital agriculture solutions, the Agras T30 implements variable spreading, reducing fertilizer use while increasing yield.

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