Matrice 30 by DJI - Enterprise Drones for Sale - TurnTech Solutions - Langley, BC, Canada

Matrice 30 Series

Power in Portability

A New Generation of Commercial Drones

Capture everything with unique aerial intelligence. Portable wherever you go and adaptable to the harshest environments. Camera integration with Wide, Zoom, Thermal (M30T) and a Laser rangefinder. Superior image quality with Night Flight, Smart Low-light Photo, RGB, Infrared and Laser Rangefinder.

Matrice 30 by DJI - Enterprise Drones for Sale - TurnTech Solutions - Langley, BC, Canada
Matrice 30 Drone
Matrice 30T by DJI - Enterprise Drones for Sale - TurnTech Solutions - Langley, BC, Canada
Matrice 30T Drone

Key Features of the M30

  • 41 Minute Flight Time
  • 15 m/s Wind Resistance
  • 7000m Service Ceiling
  • 23 m/s Max Speed
  • IP55 Protection – Temperature Range: -20°C to 50°C
  • Easily Handles Adverse Weather conditions, Including Rain & Snow
  • Lightweight and Portable
  • Dual Vision & ToF Sensors On All 6 Sides
  • Built-in ADS-B Receiver
  • Triple-channel 1080p Video Transmission
  • Wide, Zoom, & Thermal (M30T Only) Cameras 

Ideal Industry Applications for the M30 Series

The applications for the M30 Series are vast. Given all the capabilities, this drone is ideal for:
  • Search and Rescue
    Efficiently locate missing or stranded persons in places difficult to see.
  • Firefighting
    Scope fire areas and hotspots using visible and thermal imaging.
  • Law Enforcement
    Help in emergencies and maintain public safety and safeguard response teams.
  • Emergency Response
    Tactical response in emergency situations.
  • Powerline Inspection
    Safely conduct infrastructure inspections efficiently.
  • Cell Tower Inspection
    Perform inspections safely and efficiently.
  • Bridge Inspection
    View complex structures without getting too close.

Unlock the Possibilities of Flight

The M30 Series features an extended port that allows you to connect additional devices onto the drone, helping you perform at your best in a variety of critical missions.

For enhanced image visibility on all your captured data, Isotherm helps you get accurate heat measurements on a variety of objects and scenarios.

With the Customize feature, you can set predefined Isotherm settings to suit your operational needs.


Add Ease of Use with the DJI RC Plus

The DJI RC Plus is a controller specially designed to make your DJI commercial drone easier and more convenient to fly. Featuring a 7-inch screen, the DJI RC Plus reduces your setup time and helps ensure you always catch vital mission information.

The DJI RC Plus can be used in a variety of weather and environmental conditions. IP54-rated, this is DJI’s first weatherproof controller. To further your ease of use, the DJI RC Plus allows batteries to be hot-swapped, meaning you can change the batteries without needing to pause your mission or land your drone.

Best of all, the DJI RC Plus has a number of well-defined and well-placed physical buttons. No longer find yourself fighting with clunky touch screens during missions.

Key Features of the DJI RC Plus

  • Pre-flight Checklist
    A comprehensive checklist helps you quickly confirm aircraft status and parameter settings, so you can take off with confidence.
  • Navigation Display
    An optimized interface displays your home point, Pin Points, and nearby obstacles to improve safety and provide comprehensive situational awareness.
  • Alert Notifications
    Stay updated with timely alerts as conditions and scenarios evolve.

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