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Mavic 3 Series

Undeniable Performance for Smarter Work

Meet The Mavic 3 Drone Models

Mavic 3E by DJI - Enterprise Drones for Sale - TurnTech Solutions - Langley, BC, Canada
Mavic 3 Enterprise Drone

The Mavic 3E features a mechanical shutter to prevent blur, which means you can complete mapping missions quickly and effectively. The improved low-light performance makes the Mavic 3E drone the optimal choice for dim conditions.

With a 56x zoom lens on the Mavic 3E, it’s easy to spot details from far away. During missions, this can save time, money, and effort in order to streamline every job.

Industry Capability

The Mavic 3 Enterprise (3E) drone is tailored for mapping and mission applications, making it an ideal choice for firefighting, search and rescue, inspection, and night operations, as well as other industries. 

The Mavic 3E features a wide and a tele lens. 

Camera Specs:

Wide: 4/3 CMOS, 20MP, Mechanical Shutter

Tele: Equivalent Focal Length: 162mm, 12MP, 56× Hybrid Zoom

Mavic 3M by DJI - Enterprise Drones for Sale - TurnTech Solutions - Langley, BC, Canada
Mavic 3 Multispectral Drone

The Mavic 3M drone lets you see better than ever. With two forms of sight that combine an RGB camera with a multispectral camera, the Mavic 3M drone can clearly scan and analyze large natural areas.

The Mavic 3M features a sunlight sensor to render more accurate NDVI results by allowing light compensation during 2D reconstruction. The RTK module provides centimetre-level positioning to capture high-precision aerial surveying.

The Mavic 3M has the capacity for automatic field scouting that can find abnormalities, such as emergence deficiencies, weed pressure, and crop lodging. With the power of AI identification, the Mavic 3M can identify real-time sharing of crop growth information and the guidance of agronomic activities. This allows for the easy management of up to 70 hectares of farmland.

Industry Capability

The Mavic 3M drone is tailored for the agriculture and natural resources industries while retaining applications that can be used across a number of other business types.

The Mavic 3M features a multispectral and RBG camera.

Camera Specs:

Multispectral: Equivalent Focal Length: 25mm, 5 MP

RGB: Equivalent Focal Length: 24mm, 20MP, 4/3 CMOS

Mavic 3T by DJI - Enterprise Drones for Sale - TurnTech Solutions - Langley, BC, Canada
Mavic 3 Thermal Drone

The Mavic 3T features a 56x zoom camera to see as far in the distance as possible. The thermal camera supports point and area temperature measurement, high-temperature alerts, colour palettes, and isotherms.

Advanced RTH enhances in-flight safety and aircraft stability while planning the optimal route home so you don’t have to. Automatic obstacle avoidance allows you to focus on what’s important during your drone flights instead of worrying about unnecessary details.

Industry Capability

The Mavic 3 Thermal (3T) drone is tailored for public safety, inspection, search and rescue operations, and other industrial and commercial applications.

The Mavic 3T features a wide, zoom, and thermal lens, which makes it an optimal choice for many businesses.

Camera Specs:

Wide: Equivalent Focal Length: 24mm, 48MP

Zoom: Equivalent Focal Length: 162mm, 12MP, 56× Hybrid Zoom

Thermal: DFOV: 61°, Equivalent Focal Length: 40mm, Resolution 640 × 512

Key Features of the Mavic 3

  • Sunlight Sensor
  • Multispectral + Rgb Imaging System
  • Rtk Module
  • Intelligent Field Scouting
  • Vision Detection Auto Focus (Vdaf) Technology
  • 4/3 Cmos Hasselblad Camera With Hasselblad Natural Color Solution (Hncs)
  • 5.1k Hd Video
  • 4k/ 120 Fps Video Recording
  • 10-Bit D-Log
  • 46-Min Flight Time
  • Omnidirectional Obstacle Sensing
  • 15km Hd Video Transmission
  • Advanced Return To Home (RTH)
  • 20 Mp Sensor
  • 12-Bit Raw Image Capture
  • 24mm Equivalent Focal Length With F/2.8 – F/11 Adjustable Aperture
  • Intuitive, Creative Features Such As Activetrack 5.0 And Quickshots

Ideal Industry Applications for the Mavic 3 Series

The applications for the Mavic 3 Series are vast. Given all the capabilities, this drone is ideal for:

  • Oil & Gas
    Centimetre-level precision and reliable data mean quicker results that you can trust.
  • AEC
    Complete mapping missions faster and more effectively than traditional methods.
  • Public Safety
    Stable connections in a variety of environments combined with long flight durations to ensure the most information possible in every situation.
  • Natural Resources
    Find detailed surveys at your fingertips.
  • & More
    Contact our team for a consultation to discover the numerous ways the Mavic 3 may benefit your business and ease your workflows.

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