The world’s first drone-based BVLOS water sampling system.

Introducing Speedip

The World’s First Drone-Based BVLOS Water Sampling System
Speedip weights only about 2.7kg when carrying 2L/kg of water, which is within the payload limit of DJI M300 RTK for safer operation.
  • Advanced situational awareness during BVLOS operations, including an mm-wave radar for total water surface distance, measurement, and a camera system with 180° DFOV, F/2.0 aperture, 1/2-inch sensor, and starlight level performance.
  • Supports DJI PSDK 3.0. Speedip can be controlled & monitored through the official DJI Pilot when using with DJI M300 RTK.
  • Supports 4G connectivity. Speedip can be controlled & monitored through browser-based Speedip Cloud. Historical missions can also be viewed at Speedip Cloud.
  • Fully automated water sampling at designated depths, up to 10m below the water surface. This is achieved by our closed-loop distance & speed control.
  • Automatic mission data logging, including geo-coordinates, time, and depth of the sampling mission.
  • 10s quick mounting & dismounting.

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